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Teaching guide: Love through the ages

A range of resources to help you plan your teaching and assessment for the Love through the ages component of AS and A-level English Literature A.

How to use these resources

If you haven't yet decided on which texts or text combinations to teach, the specimen assessment materials give you details about some of the aspects of Love through the ages each text covers, which can help you decide. Don't forget to consult the specification for a list of possible aspects.

Once you have decided, these documents will help you to focus your teaching on those aspects and to work towards the relevant exam question in the specimen assessment materials. The exemplar student responses with marking commentary act as models for the students and help you to assess their work.

AS resources

Paper 1, Section A

Paper 1, Section B

Paper 2, Section A

The collection of unseen prose extracts can be used to support the learning objective of week 7 in our autumn term teaching plan (Co-teaching programme of study) - approaching unseen extracts essay writing skills.

Using the extracts allows students to:

  • be able to apply the knowledge gained doing the prose study to the analysis of unseen prose extracts
  • understand the demands of AS Paper 2, Section A
  • learn how to structure a response to a practice exam question.

Paper 2, Section B

A-level resources

Paper 1, Section A

Paper 1, Section B

Paper 1, Section C