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Creating your own questions

How to use the Crime writing resource package to create your own exam practice questions for the Paper 2A, Section A, Elements of crime writing component for A-level English Literature B.

If you have used the relevant question from the specimen assessment materials or want to set a question on a different unseen extract, you can use these documents in the following way:

1. Look at how the relevant questions from the specimen assessment materials are constructed, for example:

Explore the significance of the crime elements in this extract. Remember to include in your answer relevant detailed analysis of the ways that Hill has shaped meanings.

You will need to set a different extract. The question wording can remain largely unchanged with the exception of the extract writer's name (here 'Hill').

2. Look for extracts which include a range of elements of crime writing; ideas for elements can be found in the specification. Possible sources include:

  • extracts from any of the texts on the crime writing set text list
  • extracts from other texts which fit this genre
  • extracts from poetry, prose and drama as the unseen text in the examination can be set from any of these.

This resource is part of the Elements of crime writing resource package.

Specifications that use this resource: