Launch meeting: webinars - getting started

In these webinars, our subject experts present information and help about our new French, German and Spanish specifications and specimen papers.

Webinar 4: our AS and A-level languages resource package explained

25 May 2016: Learn all about our AS and A-level resources from our Resource Co-ordinator, Ian Rodmell.

Webinar 3: our accredited AS and A-level specifications

22 April 2016: Rhona Thomson, our Qualifications Manager for Languages, provides an overview of the subject content and the changes made between the draft submission and accreditation.

Webinar 2: new AS and A-level specifications

14 July 2015: Rhona Thomson, our Qualifications Manager for Languages, takes you through our new draft specifications for teaching from 2016.

Webinar 1: GCSE, AS and A-level changes

18 March 2015: Judith Rowland-Jones, our Head of Languages, answers your questions about languages reform.

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