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Apply to mark papers or moderate coursework, and join the thousands of people we collaborate with to deliver our qualifications.

Anna's examiner story

Anna is part of our examiner community, she is also an experienced teacher and has a story to tell. Watch our short video to find out how her teaching has been positively impacted by her examining experience.

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Benefits for you

  • Use your education and skills to earn extra income.
  • Work alongside your teaching job, at a time and in a place that suits you. If you need to take time out of school, we’ll give you a teacher release voucher.
  • Earn £500 to £1000 per exam series depending on the type of work and exam questions.
  • Boost your career, CV and personal development.
  • Get a better understanding of our mark schemes and assessment process to inspire your teaching.
  • Network with fellow professionals.
  • Opportunity to become a team leader or senior examiner.

Anna Hunt, a practising teacher, tells us why she marks AQA exams.

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Benefits for your school

Stephanie Wood, a practising teacher, tells us why she thinks head teachers should encourage their teaching staff to mark exams.

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What it involves

As an examiner, you’ll mark exam papers in your specialist subject at home, usually through an online system (or sometimes on paper scripts). You do the marking from two to three days after the exam, for up to four weeks, and mark 150 to 350 scripts.

As a moderator, you’ll review or moderate samples of coursework (also known as controlled assessment). The coursework will already have been marked by teachers at the school or college, and you’ll be confirming the grades. If you’re a visiting moderator, you’ll need to go to the school or college in spring.

Most marking and moderation is done online. Our 1000s of examiners have been using our tools and technology for many years now, and find them appropriate and easy to use.

We’ll give you full training and support, including:

  • training in our online marking and standardisation tools
  • distance learning material so you can apply the mark scheme and test your understanding
  • for many subjects, training days with principal examiners, including exercises and feedback
  • an allocated team leader who will mentor you throughout the marking process, and check samples to reassure you that you’re doing it right
  • comprehensive, tailored information on your own web page on the examiner extranet
  • help with installing and using our marking software via a freephone support line
  • designated AQA staff available to support you throughout the year.