Reducing gender disparity in the classroom

There have always been some subjects that attract more of one sex than the other. We've put together some tips to help redress the balance. Click on the tips to see how you can implement them in your classroom.

Use role models
Using a wide range of role models will show your students that anyone can be successful from studying your subject.
Think of their future
Subject choices can be governed by what career the student wants in the future. Show them the transferable skills they'll gain from studying your subject.
Experience is everything
Use examples that will show how your subject links to your students' experiences. Being able to see the bigger picture will help students choose which subjects to study.
Use gender-neutral contexts
Avoid any examples that focus on gender-stereotypical interests and hobbies.
Make the subject relevant
Showing real-life work experience is effective in bringing subjects to life.
Let students do the talking
Use current or former students to spread the word. Peer experiences can be useful in the recruitment of new students.