Improve your marking with teacher online standardisation

Teacher online standardisation (T-OLS) is a tool to ensure that your marking of non-exam assessment (NEA) is accurate and consistent. Click on the cards to find out more about the top five benefits of using T-OLS.

Instant feedback on your marking
When you submit your marks, you’ll see how they compare to those given by the lead moderator who sets the standard.
Study lots of examples of NEA work
All past T-OLS material gets archived so, each series, the catalogue of marked example work grows.
Mark real student work
See authentic examples from across the grade scale with actual student work from past series.
Choose how you standardise
Sit around the computer as a department, have conversations and agree marks, or work through the examples individually.
Access when you need it
T-OLS is available all year round, so you can standardise when it suits you.