ELC Science: submitting centre-assessed assignments for 2024

Published: Thursday 18 Apr 2024

As we approach the non-exam assessment (NEA) deadline, we’ve got a few important reminders for submitting ELC Science marks and portfolios.

Externally-set assignments

You should mark the externally-set assignments (ESAs) in red, in accordance with the instructions attached to the mark schemes, using both ticks and crosses to ensure that the moderator knows that all learner work has been seen.

Teacher-devised assignments

For the teacher-devised assignments (TDAs), annotation is essential for some of the ephemeral skills, and to support marks where it may not be obvious it’s the learner’s own unaided work.

Teacher online standardisation

To ensure that your marking is in line with our lead moderator’s standard you can access Teacher online standardisation (TOLS) on Centre Services for ELC Science. You should access TOLS before you start marking your assessments by following these steps:

  • log in to Centre Services
  • select Pre Exams
  • click Teacher Online Standardisation.

This online resource allows you to mark learners’ NEA work yourself and then after you’ve entered your marks, the lead moderator’s marks are revealed and justified.

Candidate record forms

You’ll need to sign a candidate record form (CRF) and attach this to your learners’ work. Learners must sign the CRF to confirm that the work they’ve submitted is their own.

Please fill in the CRF to record the completed components, the marks for these components, and the total marks for the assessments as a whole.  Learners’ details should be entered on both sides of the form. Remember to record the marks for each skill area of the TDA, as well as the total mark. For the Single Award (5961) only record the marks for components you are submitting. 

You must note on the CRF any assistance given to learners which is beyond that given to the group as a whole. This includes any access arrangements that are in place, for example, use of a scribe/reader where the usual JCQ procedures and paperwork apply – the specification has more details.

Access arrangements and JCQ forms

For any access arrangements, you’ll need to include copies of the appropriate forms in the learners’ portfolio. 

1. Your school or college will need to complete Form 11 before submitting any ELC assessments where access arrangements are being used. This is to notify JCQ of any access arrangements for each learner.  

To do this, you’ll need to:

  • log into Centre Services
  • select ‘Pre-exams’
  • select ‘Access arrangements and modified papers’
  • select the ‘JCQ centre admin portal’
  • on the JCQ CAP homepage, select the online Form 11 ‘Entry Level Certificate (ELC) qualifications and WJEC Entry Pathways – Notification for access arrangements’.

2. Once the form is submitted, it will automatically generate a Form 13 link at the top of the page (‘ELC Cover sheet’). Download Form 13 which you can then print. It should be completed and attached to the completed scripts when you send these to us for moderation, where access arrangements were used to complete the assessment (such as a reader, scribe, practical assistant, or language modifier).

Centre declaration sheet

All schools must submit a signed centre declaration sheet (CDS) for 2024 to confirm that internal standardisation has taken place.  

All teachers involved in marking your learners’ work should sign the appropriate part of the centre declaration sheet, and one person must be responsible for ensuring that the work has been assessed to the same standard.  

If there’s been a change in staffing and the other staff member is no longer at your school, please go over any work that contributes to the portfolio to ensure consistency in application of the criteria.

Submit NEA marks and samples

You can submit marks to us online using Centre Marks Submission (CMS) on Centre Services. If you’re new to CMS our submit marks page has more details.  

The deadline to submit total ELC marks for each learner is 15 May 2024.  

For schools with fewer learners than the minimum sample size (20), your moderator will request work for all learners to be sent via the post. For larger entry numbers (more than 20 learners), we will request a percentage of your learners’ work.   

Each learner’s portfolio should have the candidate record form at the front with the relevant pieces of work held together using a treasury tag or in a card folder. Do not use plastics wallets or paperclips/elastic bands as they can become dislodged.

Storing learners’ work

Remember to keep all learners’ work under secure conditions once it’s been marked, and with a copy of the completed candidate record form. After the moderation period, and the deadline for post-results services has passed, you can return the TDAs to students. 

However, because the ESAs are valid for several years, you must either destroy these or keep them secure.

NEA advisers

Your AQA appointed ELC Science NEA adviser is available to help with all aspects of the NEA. You can find out more about the NEA adviser service on our website. If you haven’t already got your adviser's details, your exams officer should have them. If not, just contact the team at gcsescience@aqa.org.uk

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