Why choose this specification?

Provides a worthwhile course for students of various ages and from diverse backgrounds in terms of general education and lifelong learning.

Teachers like:  

  • the fact the course can be used as a precursor to GCSE
  • that assessment is available four times a year with unlimited re-sit opportunities
  • the fact the assessment comprises a single 1 hour 30 minute exam
  • working with students on the pre-release materials to address any literacy issues, ensuring they can access the context and helping them to think functionally before the exam
  • the fact the course earns additional points on the Achievement and Attainment table (Level 2 = 23, Level 1 = 12.5, Entry 3 = 7, Entry 2 = 6, Entry 1 = 5)
  • the manageable course administration
  • the fact the specification promotes mathematical thinking and transferable skills over rote learning, and encourages a teaching approach that is enriching and engaging for all students.

Students like:

  • the interesting and highly relevant content
  • developing and refining their problem solving strategies and building the confidence and skills required to tackle unfamiliar challenges
  • gaining the Mathematical skills most useful in everyday contexts and the world of work, and practical skills they can use in further education, work and everyday life
  • gaining an additional, valuable qualification in little extra time due to functional elements being included in GCSE Mathematics.

Knowledge/skills gained:

  • a wide range of transferable skills.

Follow-on studies

There are good opportunities for progression to GCSE Mathematics.