Unit Award Scheme


In successfully completing this unit, the Learner will have

Evidence needed

demonstrated the ability to

1use computer hardware, eg a mouse, to interact with ICT for a given purposeSummary sheet
2use at least one software application for a given purposeSummary sheet
3recognise and use at least two interface features, eg icons, menusSummary sheet
4minimise at least four types of physical stress when working with ICT,Summary sheet
5keep information secure by using a passwordSummary sheet
6identify one reason why it is important to stay safe whilst using ICTSummary sheet
7use a simple search facilitySummary sheet
8use a simple editing and a simple formatting techniqueSummary sheet
9bring together information for print and for viewing on screenSummary sheet
10identify and correct a simple errorSummary sheet
11receive, read and send an electronic message.Summary sheet

All outcomes recorded on an AQA Summary Sheet

Approved 5 December 2012Level - Entry Level