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Specifications designed to create confident language learners

Inspire your students' love of languages

Develop your students' language skills to their full potential with our new accredited GCSE French, GCSE German and GCSE Spanish specifications.

Want to help students have a positive attitude to language learning and recognise the value of speaking another language? So do we. That’s why our new specifications have been developed with engaging and relevant content – designed for learners of all abilities and backgrounds.

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Why choose AQA: accessible listening papers

Did you know our accessible listening paper features shorter extracts to avoid placing a burden on learners' memory?

Learn more about our language specifications and find out why AQA is the best option for your learners.

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Our expert trainer will guide you through the requirements of the new specifications with opportunities to apply the mark schemes to example student responses and share more detail on the fantastic support and resources package we have available.

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Working together to create new specifications

07 November 2023


Author: Sadaf Najib

We know that the specification lives and breathes in classrooms where you...

"Our new specification offers your students the opportunity to develop their language skills to their full potential, equipping them with knowledge and confidence they can use both in and outside of the classroom."

Judith Rowland-Jones | Head of Curriculum for Languages at AQA

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