There are processes for private candidates to prepare and submit their coursework units for marking.

This page is for final re-sit opportunities in outgoing (modular) AS and A-levels, and AQA Certificate qualifications only.

In the new (reformed) linear AS and A-level qualifications coursework units have now been replaced by non-exam assessments (NEAs).

You will need to refer to:

These sources will let you know what you can expect from your unit assessments and outline the regulations relating to coursework for private candidates. Your exams officer will be able to help you if you have any questions.

Method of study

There are two ways to submit the coursework units that are linked to these qualifications:

  1. when you attend an AQA-approved school or college that will supervise, authenticate and mark your coursework
  2. if the subject specification allows it, you arrange supervision and authentication of your own coursework (see below) and we mark it.


  1. If you are following Method of study 1, you do not need to nominate an authenticator as the teacher at the school or college will authenticate your work.
  2. For Method of study 2, you need to nominate an authenticator for each component/unit that you are submitting new coursework for. The authenticator is usually your tutor or teacher who is in regular contact with you, and who has supervised enough of your coursework material to be able to confirm that the work is your own. A relative cannot act as your authenticator.

Your authenticator should initial each page of the final version of each piece of coursework.

Please note: if your work is not authenticated it will receive a mark of zero.

Coursework forms

You need to complete a private candidate coursework information form for each coursework unit/component you are entering for. Please give it to the exams officer when you make your entry at the school or college.

In addition:

  1. For Method of study 1, your school or college will complete a subject-specific candidate record form (CRF) and attach it to the front of your work.
  2. For Method of study 2, you need to complete the relevant sections of the private candidate record form, attach it to your coursework and give it to your exams officer before the deadline date. They will then send your work to one of our moderators to mark.


Your school or college will give you a deadline for submitting your work to them. The deadlines for teachers and exams officers to forward your work to us are shown on our deadlines page. Entries for coursework units will not be accepted after the stated deadline.

Carrying forward coursework marks

If you are retaking a subject, you can request that the coursework mark from your previous attempt is 'carried forward' and used towards your retake result. The exams officer at your school or college can arrange this for you.

Carry forward only applies to the following coursework components:

  • A-level Maths (MS1A)
  • A-level Statistics (SS1A)
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate Preparation for Working Life short course (4800/C)

Where a unit consists entirely of coursework (as is the case with many outgoing modular A-levels), the result of that unit remains available for use in a future award. You do not need to request that the result is re-used or carried forward.

Help and advice

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