Revision resources

Here you can find resources and tools to help you revise and prepare for your exam. Ask your teachers for their advice and materials as well.

Subject-specific exam and revision advice on The Student Room

To help you prepare for your exams, we have worked with The Student Room to produce a series of subject-specific advice articles. Written by our subject matter experts and covering a range of GCSE and A-level subjects, the articles include revision tips and tactics for exam day.

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Past question papers

Working through past papers will help you get an idea of the kind of questions you can expect. Try answering them as if under exam conditions to help you develop your exam writing skills.

You can use our past paper finder to access free digital copies of our past papers and mark schemes.

  • You can only access past papers that relate to the current specification. Papers from previous years won't show if the specification has changed or expired.
  • See what's available when to find out when past papers and mark schemes are released.
  • For new specifications where there are no past papers, we provide specimen papers and mark schemes.

Some modified past papers (eg, Braille) may also be available. Find out more about access arrangements.

Mark schemes

Mark schemes are tools for examiners to make sure they all mark consistently. Check your past papers against their mark scheme to see what examiners look for and how they give marks.

Subject specification (syllabus)

Your specification (also known as the 'spec' or syllabus) can help with exam revision. In the specification document you can find out what you are expected to have learnt and the skills you should have developed while working through the subject content. This will help you understand what is being assessed in your exams and controlled assessment.

You can also find teaching and learning resources on the different subject pages which you might find useful.

TeachIt resources

TeachIt offers resources for revision and study. Although these resources are aimed at teachers, you can use them too after signing up. There are different levels of membership, including free, which still offers access to useful resources.

Resources are available for the following subjects:

Text books and revision guides

We suggest you speak to your teachers first before buying any materials, as they may have a specific reading and resources list for your subjects. You can purchase revision guides and textbooks in most book shops or online. These are not produced nor owned by AQA, but they relate to our specifications and the learning objectives so you may find them useful to support your revision.