Changes to AS and A-level Chemistry specifications

Thursday 24 Mar 2016

We've made some changes to our AS and A-level Chemistry specifications and Specimen Assessment Materials (SAMs).

The first version of our new specifications (v1.0) and SAMs were published following accreditation in February 2015. We have now updated the draft wording in Section 8.4 of these specifications to comply with the final wording for the Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC) for the Practical Endorsement, as agreed by the exam boards and Ofqual.

We have also amended these documents to incorporate feedback we've received from teachers on certain aspects of the subject content. All the changes that have been made to the specifications and the first set of the SAMs are listed in the summary of changes document. 

'Electrospray' removed from Section

References to 'Electrospray' have been removed from Section of these specifications (Mass number and isotopes). If you've already covered this content in your lessons, we've created the following additional student resources to further support this area:

The most up-to-date specifications will always be available on our website.

If you need any further guidance, call our A-level science team on 01483 477 756 (option 2) or email us at


Read the Summary of changes

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