GCSE History: updated scheme of work for Paper 2

Published: Tuesday 19 Jul 2022

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure a more diverse range of perspectives in our History qualifications, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve updated our scheme of work (SOW) for Paper 2 Section A Option B: ‘Britain: Power and the people’. 

The updated SOW covers recognition of the need to diversify the voices within our history schemes. We’ve also added new resources that allow for a diverse mix of voices to be studied – women, Black British, LGBTQ+ and disabled. You can now teach about the role that women had in the Peasant’s Revolt or the role of African soldiers in the English Civil War or find out about LGBTQ+ suffragettes.

Simon Beale, History teacher and content developer, and co-lead of the History Teacher Bookclub on Twitter, said:

“The updates to this scheme of work are a starting point to help teachers enrich their lessons with diverse stories. ‘Power and the people’ is designed to give students a sense of how we have become a democratic society and the voices of all people need to be heard. I hope that this scheme of work allows teachers to plan lessons that allow all students to see how people like them have fought for their rights and played a part in creating modern Britain.” 

You can find the updated SOW on our GCSE History qualification pages in teaching resources.

Equality, diversity and inclusion is important to all subjects and qualifications that we offer, and not least to History. You can read more about the work our team has been doing in our earlier blog, and on what equality, diversity and inclusion means for the history curriculum and hearing more diverse voices from the past.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our history team about our work in this area, please get in touch on 0161 958 3861 or email history@aqa.org.uk

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