Submitting MFL speaking tests: changes for summer 2022

Published: Wednesday 6 Apr 2022

We’re making some changes to how schools and colleges submit MFL speaking test audio files in 2022.

From summer 2022, schools will submit their GCSE, AS and A-level teacher-conducted MFL speaking test audio files as a digital upload using our new and easy-to-use online portal. You’ll no longer need to send us your submission on a CD or memory stick.

Teachers should conduct and record the tests in the normal way, and the main centre administrator or nominated colleague in your school or college will be able to submit the tests to the new online portal.

We’ll provide detailed guidance on how to upload the MFL speaking test audio files to the online portal in the coming weeks, and in time for when you need to submit the recordings to us in May.

To reflect these changes, we’ve updated our guidance documents, which you can find below.

You can also find these documents on Centre Services and in the 'Assessment resources' section of our MFL qualifications pages.

The changes only apply to our GCSE, AS and A-level MFL teacher-conducted speaking tests. They do not apply to the visiting examined components for MFL.

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