AEB Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) Certificate explanation of results

Standard of the exam

This certificate is based on the student's performance in the General Certificate of Education exam at Ordinary Level conducted by the Associated Examining Board. A School Certificate credit is awarded in any subject in which the student has been successful in the General Certificate of Education exams at Ordinary Level, which a grade of 1-6 has been obtained.  A School Certificate pass is awarded in a subject in which a grade of 7 or 8 has been obtained.

The mark ranges assigned to the grades are as follows:

  1. 70+
  2. 65-69
  3. 60-64
  4. 55-59
  5. 50-54
  6. 45-49 (Credit)
  7. 42-44
  8. 34-41 (Pass)
  9. 0-34 (Fail)