CSE explanation of results

CSE results

The performance of students for the CSE exams is described by means of a grading scheme* in which

  • Grade 1 describes a standard such that the student might reasonably have attained grade A, B or C at Ordinary level of the GCE exams had he/she followed a course leading to that exam.
  • Grades 2 and 3 describe standards of performance falling between grades 1 and 4.
  • Grade 4 describes the standard of performance expected from a student of average ability in the subject who has applied him/herself to a course of study regarded by teachers of the subject as appropriate to the student's age, ability and aptitude.
  • Grade 5 describes a standard of performance which is within the scope of the CSE exams system, but which is below that expected for grade 4.

* Results for shorthand are shown in terms of speed only

Grade comparison 

Grades A(a), B(b) and C(c) maintain the standards of the current GCSE grades A(a), B(b) and C(c), and the former CSE grade 1: grades D(d), E(e), F(f) and G(g) maintain the standards of the former CSE grades 2, 3, 4 and 5.