Question papers and stationery

Information for schools and colleges about what you need to provide and what we will send you, including issue dates and how to order extra exam stationery.

Autumn 2020 series

This autumn series we’ll be using the papers we printed for the planned summer exams. This means the papers will have the original exam date and time printed on the front cover.

To support you with your pre-exam checks, here’s a table showing the original summer date and time alongside the autumn series date and time, so you can verify that you’ve selected the correct packet for the exam.

We’ve also produced some posters that you can display in your school or college on the day of the exam, to help students to confirm that they have been given the correct paper.

What you provide

You'll need to provide certain stationery to students on exam day (in addition to what we'll send you). There's more about this in the stationery summary lists on the Secure Key Materials (SKM) area of e-AQA. It's also important that you check the instructions in your question paper pack to make sure you're providing everything students need.

Creating an attendance register

We’ll send attendance registers to you before the exams. However if you’re missing one for any reason then you can create your own on e-AQA:

  • Go to 'Entries' and select the 'Current entry reports' option.
  • Select the 'Subject reports' tab and the specification, then 'Go'.
  • Select a component, then 'Run report'.

To run a report, you'll need to keep the entry code field set as 'All'. A link for the attendance record will display at the bottom of the page.

What we send you

We'll send you exam materials throughout the year. There are three types of exam materials we'll send to you:

  1. Stationery and forms, which we'll send based on your entries.
  2. Early question papers that we send or make available to you before exam day (sometimes called preliminary or pre-release).
  3. Exam day question papers and answer booklets.

Since summer 2019 we've changed the format of some our question papers by providing additional lined pages at the end of question papers for students to use if they run out of space. See the components that use the new format.

You must have a secure storage area where you can store confidential exam materials such as question papers, answer booklets and supplementary booklets and sheets. See the requirements in JCQ's instructions for conducting examinations.

Please notify us immediately by emailing if a parcel or one of the packets has been opened during transit and therefore there may have been a breach of security. Please also tell us if material has been significantly damaged in transit or upon opening.

The tables below show everything we'll send you by date. For early exam materials, you can also use our early question paper dates.