Special consideration

When students are disadvantaged during their exams we can sometimes make mark adjustments as part of a process called special consideration.

Watch our special consideration video for guidance. A video transcript is also available.

Changes from 2017

From summer 2017 and onwards, the JCQ awarding bodies have reduced the minimum requirement for special consideration where a student has missed part of their AS, A-level or GCSE exams. Students will now be eligible for special consideration if  they have completed 25% of the total assessment for the subject award.

Read  more about the changes in JCQ's notice to schools and colleges.

When can special consideration be applied?

Special consideration can be applied when:

  • a student is fully prepared for the exam but is disadvantaged due to illness or unavoidable circumstances beyond their control at the time of the exam or when they complete their coursework/controlled assessment.

    In these cases, a small percentage is added to the raw mark. The percentage is determined by using the guidelines agreed by all the awarding bodies and published by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

  • a student is absent from an examination for a valid reason.

    In these cases, a mark is calculated for the missing unit provided the student has completed enough of the specification to meet the minimum requirements specified by JCQ. The calculation of the missing mark takes into account the student's performance in the other comparable units of the exam and the national average for those units. This method is considered to be fair and consistent.

The last date to submit special consideration requests for the summer 2018 series is 27 July 2018.

How do schools apply for special consideration?

The exams officer at the school or college must apply online using the Special Consideration section of e-AQA and can select one of the following four options:

  • Disadvantaged candidate – for a student who was disadvantaged at the time of a written exam
  • Absent candidate – for a student who was absent from a written exam
  • Group request – for a group of students for any exam or assessment
  • Non-timetabled assessment – for a student whose coursework, oral or practical assessment has been lost or is incomplete.

Applications are then processed by our special consideration team and the exams officer can select view requests to see the outcomes.

Important notes

If a student thinks they may be eligible for special consideration they should discuss this with the exams officer at their school or college. The school or college must support an application for special consideration.

An examiner does not apply special consideration when marking an exam as this has to be done post-marking by the special consideration team.

We cannot use grades which are predicted by the school or college in our calculations. This is to ensure that all students are assessed according to the same criteria and that the standard of the exam is upheld when awards are made.

Special consideration can only ever go some way towards compensating a student who has been disadvantaged during an exam. It is not always possible to reflect what might have been achieved in more favourable circumstances.